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[Coldplay] Up In Flames – World Debut at ACL Live + その他動画

"Chris [Martin] wrote a fantastic song called 'Up in Flames,' but then Jonny added a gorgeous riff, and now it's one of my favorite songs we've ever done. It kills me."
- Will @ Fall Music Preview: The Season's Hottest Albums Pictures - Coldplay - 'Mylo Xyloto' 10/24 | Rolling Stone

I like it!
Roadie #42がハードル上げすぎてたから、そこまでの感動はなかったけど。笑

明日の Austin City Limits festival のストリーミングでちゃんと聴けるかな?
10:10~  aclfestival's Channel – YouTube で見られるはず。


Coldplay Interview 2011 - Mylo Xyloto

Do you have Bieber fever?


Coldplay - Supports College Radio Day

Coldplay- iHeartRadio Music Festival 2011

Jimmy Checks in with Coldplay


全然関係ないけど、iTunesフェスのColdplayを見に来た、Kevin Michael のインタビュー。

Gleeで歌いたい曲は、The Scientist だそうで♪